This eleventh edition of SESATS is the first completely online version, and the first that is accessible using any internet-accessible device.  SESATS XI features over 350 multimedia elements to augment the 400 questions and critiques.  It is the first platform to offer real-time delivery of abstracts and access to the full text of most of the references.  This assembly of topical information is meant to offer students of thoracic surgery a rich opportunity for study during the examination and it becomes a reference after completion.  The new platform opens this learning opportunity to a worldwide audience.  As in the past, SESATS seeks to offer a balanced sampling of advancing knowledge in all areas of cardiac and thoracic surgery.  

Dr. Carl Backer served as section editor for congenital cardiac content for an unprecedented fourth time.  He and Melanie Gevitz deserve accolades for their dedication to this project. Len Girardi (aortic and adult valvular heart disease), and Sloane Guy (cardiac transplantation, mechanical support) each led sections for a second term.  Rob Shen,and Rick Feins headed up the thoracic surgery sections.  Stephanie Mick, with help from Rob Meguid, accepted the challenges of assembling diverse topics in critical care.  

SESATS content remains integral to the evolution of Maintenance of Certification within our specialty.  The examination format is meant to prompt thoughtful consideration of topics and to offer additional information and perspective in the critiques.  The online links to primary source material provide a genuine, evidence-based reference study opportunity.  The transformation of the test with several search tools in “Review Mode” allows restudy of questions answered incorrectly and adds enduring value to this edition as a review tool. 

My personal thanks go to Rob Oberteuffer, whose dedication has been essential to this project.  Rob again exceeded all reasonable expectations regarding patience, organization, and both hardware and software expertise.  Omar Javaid, Ken Fang, Sabarinath Thulasidharan Nair, Kiran Anchala, Mary Fountain, Drs. Mary Anne Alexander and Jonathan Merril, and the development teams at Astute Technology and Mobomo met the challenges of pushing forward the mobile platforms. Dr. William Baumgartner, Stacy Wilhite and Pat Watson at the American Board of Thoracic Surgery provided invaluable effort with oversight, input and proofing.  Patty Linton and Tracy Allgier-Baker in the CME office of Penn State Hershey Medical Center continue to oversee CME-related issues.  It has been my great good fortune to enjoy the help and tolerance of all of these people.
David B. Campbell, MD
Editor, SESATS